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Retired fanfic writer, Sonia LaStrega, was born the triplet love child of itinerant Italian/Irish/Jewish panhandlers on the shores of Lake Titicaca. A miserable and whey-faced girl, she was frequently left as a security deposit on discount rental buffalo and washing machines. On entering adulthood she discovered a talent for nose-piercing and a love of taxidermy.

She currently lives in a cardboard box at the edge of an airfield where she frightens crows for spare change, occasionally emerging to visit local schools and lecture on the evils of hallucinogens.

This journal is friends locked. And she is stingy about friending people.

If you really really must spend money on something, a donation to YoungCare would make me very happy.

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absurdity, adam clayton, alcohol, alexander, amanda, angelina jolie, batman, bdsm, being annoying, being dead cool, bisexual, black, black keys, bono, books, byron, cats, conspiracy theories, criminal minds, critical discussion, crowded house, dark beer, david bowie, detective fiction, docs, drag kings, dresden dolls, drinking, duncan macleod, duncan/methos, dykes, editing, elizabeth gracen, erotic fiction, erotica, fags, fanfiction, fantasy, free speech, gay fiction, gay issues, gay movies, gay pride, glam, goth, green day, grinderman, highlander, historical fiction, history, homoerotica, jackson jackson, jim byrnes, joy division, larry mullen jnr., last shadow puppets, laughing at badfic, law and order, leftwing politics, lesbians, lexx, lily allen, literature, lj sux, lord of the rings, martha wainwright, mary renault, master & commander, master and commander, masturbation, merlin, methos, metrosexuality, michael franti, missy higgins, mockery, music, mythology, myths, neurosurgery, new order, nick cave, nick cave and the bad seeds, not being a tool, nursing, old buildings, oz, paganism, pagans, patrick o'brien, peter wingfield, piercings, pirates, pornography, queen of swords, queer folk, reading, reading badfic, red wine, renaissance, robin of sherwood, rufus wainwright, russell crowe, salome, sean bean, sex, sex with lesbians, sex with women, sharpe, shelley, shitstirring, sigourney weaver, silas, sinead o'connor, six feet under, slash, smut, snark, snarking while drinking, snow patrol, songvids, spencer reid, stalking evil dr em, surrealism, swords, tattoos, taxidermy, the cat empire, the dark knight, the edge, the grates, the killers, the national, the waifs, the whitlams, theban band, trueblood, u2, valentine pelka, vampires, violent femmes, watchmen, wellywood, wolverine, women, writing, writing badfic, xmen, yeah yeah yeahs, zombies
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