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2011-12-22 11:27 pm
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So I'm using this journal now. Hopefully some of my comms will come over too.
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2009-08-24 09:13 am
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Awesome fangirl weekend was awesome. I am however, so wiped out now I could cheerfully curl up under my desk and go to sleep. I feel this may not be an excellent mix with all the work that's waiting for me. Just as well my stupidly early breakfast meeting is tomorrow and not today.

There is not enough caffeine in the world to fix today. Especially seeing as this my long day of longness and running about between jobs. Am resigned to never catching up the interwebs for the last 24 hours. Totally worth it though for seeing so many of my nearest and dearest. We totally have to do it again soon.
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2009-05-01 08:16 pm
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testing 1 2 3

trying out crossposting

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2009-04-27 04:12 pm
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DW is not blocked from work! Calloo callay and all that jazz.
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2009-04-20 06:58 pm


I'm here. Awaiting developments with interest.
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2006-07-05 02:03 pm

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